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Delia Cividino - THE BRAND

DELIA CIVIDINO is an Italian-Romanian brand, with the hand-made manufacturing process carried out in both countries, and with most of the fabrics coming from Italy. The brand logo known as ``the seed of life`` is an ancient symbol, full of positive vibrations, which represents the universal creation. In general, the creation is a mixture of energies, emotions and thoughts through which we model our reality, and my belief is that all of this gets imprinted on each piece of clothing made. For this reason, thanks to the design, the quality of the fabrics and the cuts, together with the joy and my inspiration to create, favored by this beneficial logo, I wish you that by wearing my clothes and all the products of the brand, you will feel free, confident, loved, accomplished and happy because only then you will shine of beauty.

DELIA CIVIDINO è un marchio italo-rumeno, con il processo di produzione artigianale effettuato in entrambi i paesi e con la maggior parte dei tessuti provenienti dall’Italia.
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Gabizz Uno SRL
Constanta, Romania, Str. Intrarea Maior Sofran, 3

Email: delia_cividino@yahoo.com
Phone number: 00393460887486

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